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To help save you time, please read our comprehensive list of FAQs where we have attempted to answer many of the types of enquiries we receive.

Menus: a la carte; set; lunch, pre-theatre

A la carte menus 
We regret we are unable to provide menus which change on a regular basis.
The websites of all our restaurants contain such information on the food and the price range as we are able to provide: 

  • Chutney Mary: A 3 course meal with wine and service will cost about £60 per head. Please go here for more information.
  • Veeraswamy: A 3 course meal with wine and service will cost about £65 per head. Please go here for more information.
  • Amaya: The equivalent of a 3 course meal with wine and service will cost about £ 70 per head. Please go here for more information.  

Set, Lunch, Pre-theatre Menus
All our restaurants have set menus for lunch.
In addition Veeraswamy has pre and post theatre menus.
The individual websites contain the relevant information.
For Chutney Mary, please go here 
For Veeraswamy, please go here 
For Amaya, please go here

Dietary Preferences: Halal; Vegetarian, Vegan, Garlic Free; Onion-Free; Jain; Nutritional Information

Halal Food
At Chutney Mary and Veeraswamy, all the chicken and lamb used are halal.

At Amaya, a good selection of chicken and lamb used are halal, in addition to having a wide variety of fish and vegetarian dishes. Our staff at Amaya will be pleased to advise you as to which dishes are halal.

Vegetarian; Vegan Dishes
Our current menus have many dishes suitable for vegetarians. Click here to find out more about our vegetarian dishes. The Vegan choice is much more limited. 

For Chutney Mary, the vegan dishes are:

  • Starters: Spinach Chaat
  • Main course: The Vegetarian Thali
  • Rice and Bread: Pulao; Tandoori Roti
  • Desserts: Choice of Sorbets.

For Veeraswamy, please go here 
For Amaya, please go here

Garlic free; Onion Free Dishes and Jain dishes
Our normal menu does not include garlic-free & onion-free Indian dishes. These can only be made by special request in respect of significant orders. 

However unspiced grills or roasts can be made for individual orders placed in advance.
To make special request, please click here

Nutritional Information
We regret but it is not practical to provide nutritional information on our dishes.

Allergens: Nut-free; Gluten-Free; Lactose Intolerant

Dishes with nuts
We cannot guarantee that our food is free from traces of nuts or nut oils. This is because we cook extensively with nuts. We can advise customers as to which dishes do not have nuts as an ingredient. However we cannot guarantee that any dish is free of nut or nut oils. There could be cross contamination from cooking oils, utensils or simply nuts or nut particles being accidentally dropped into a dish that would not normally contain nuts. 

Therefore customers with nut allergies / intolerances wishing to eat in our restaurants do so entirely at their own risk. We are unable to accept liability for any reaction customers may have resulting from nuts or nut traces in the food.

In these circumstances, we would regretfully advise against customers with a nut allergy eating at our restaurants

Gluten Free Dishes
All our restaurants have a wide range of Gluten free dishes. These dishes are not identified separately on the menu.

However please inform your server of your requirement and they will be happy to assist you to make your choice and avoid you from ordering any dishes that may contain gluten.

Lactose intolerant dishes 
All our restaurants have a range of dairy free dishes. 

For Chutney Mary, these comprise:

  • Starters: Spinach Chaat; Crispy Calamari; Scallop Caldeen; Lamb Chops; Trout
  • Main Courses: Vegetarian Thali; Calcutta Prawn Curry; Aloo Bukhara Gosht
  • Rice & Bread: Pulao; Tandoori Roti
  • Desserts: Choice of Sorbets.

For Veeraswamy, please go here
For Amaya, please go here

Reservations for parties of upto 8

Make a reservation to eat at  Chutney Mary, Veeraswamy or Amaya.

Larger bookings – Parties of 9 & above, Groups, Private hire, meetings

Ask us here for information on private parties and events in Chutney Mary, Veeraswamy or Amaya.

Specialised Services: Catering; Gift Vouchers; Delivery service; Cook book; Veeraswamy curry pastes; Cookery courses

Catering, Outside Events
Please go to the Catering page

Gift vouchers 
Please go to the Gift Vouchers page

The cook book we have is written by Camellia Panjabi - one of our promoter Directors. It is entitled 50 Great Curries of India.

It has sold over 1.25 million copies and is the single bestselling book on Indian food in the world today. It provides illuminating explanations of the philosophy behind the food, descriptions of exotic spices & the intricacies of cooking a curry.

It is available from Amazon

Veeraswamy curry sauce and paste
The Veeraswamy curry sauces and pastes which are currently being produced, under licence, are: 

  • Veeraswamy Curry Paste Medium Moglai
  • Veeraswamy Hot Madras Curry Paste
  • Veeraswamy Gujarat Masala

They are available online from Waitrose.

Mailing List, Offers, Exclusives

Sign up to our fine dining restaurant mailing list, receive a sign up offer, news on special events, and exclusives at Chutney Mary, Veeraswamy & Amaya.

Restaurant Information eg Accessibility Facilities; Children; Location; Opening times; Last Orders, Dress Code

Wheelchair access 
Chutney Mary can be accessed by a side door, with two steps to traverse, with which the staff will be please to assist - with prior notice. There is no accessible toilet.

In relation to the fine dining restaurants, there inevitably are greater restrictions, out of consideration to the other guests. High chairs are not available. The following is the policy

Lunch: Children of all ages are welcome.
Dinner: We are unable to allow children under the age of 4 to eat in the restaurants during dinner. Children between the ages of 4 & 10 are able to eat up to 8pm, and will therefore need to be seated no later than 6.30pm. In case the children are noisy, in the interests of fellow diners, we will have to request the family to leave at the earliest. Prams and pushchairs have to be left at the reception 

Location, Directions, Opening times, Last orders and Dress code
Please go here for information.

Dress code
The dress code is smart casual

Query after restaurant visit: Restaurant Visit feedback; Copy of Bill; Recipe

Restaurant visit feedback
Give feedback on your recent visit to our fine dining restaurants - Chutney Mary, Veeraswamy or Amaya - and receive free champagne at your next meal there. 

Copy of bill request
Under the Data Protection regulations, we are unable to provide such information without verification of the identity of the person requesting matching the card information. Therefore customers will need to provide: 

  • A scanned copy of a signed request from the cardholder under corporate headed paper.
  • The name of the restaurant, the time of the reservation, the name in which the reservation was made, and the number of persons in the party.

Charity requests

We are inundated with requests of one type or another to support charities – which are equivalent to our making charitable donations.

It is impractical and uneconomic for us to so do on an extensive basis. We already support a number of charities with whom we have a long term relationship. We do not participate in industry-wide collective events.

We are happy to support charities relating to schools close to where our restaurants are located. If you fall in this category please contact us.


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Photography at our restaurants

Photography and video is strictly prohibited within our fine dining restaurants to avoid any inconvenience and an invasion of privacy for our guests.