Chutney Mary has pioneered in the pairing of classic as well as unusual wines with Indian food.


For many, excellent food deserves the rapport of fine wine and so we take as much care over our wine list as our menus

Justin Howard-Sneyd MW has worked with us to identify and select wines that are not only excellent in quality, but also complement the flavours and nuances of our exceptional cuisine.

We believe that wine drinking should be fun. Ever since we opened the first Chutney Mary, we have always worked hard to find wines that work beautifully with the flavours in our food.

Every wine on our list has been chosen because we know it tastes great, and with the best combinations, the food makes the wine taste better and the wine makes the food taste better.

If you know which wines you like, then you should find plenty of classic wine styles here to appreciate (and some very fine and sought after bottles!). If you would like to try something different, we have an array of unusual wines with new and exciting flavours. 

And if you would like some guidance, our team know the wine list well, and can help you find a wine to partner whatever food you have chosen - just ask. Happy drinking!

As it remains popular to drink beer with Indian food, we also assembled a wide choice of beers, ales and ciders, plus spirits, digestifs and trend-setting exotic cocktails from the Pukka bar to add variety and colour to the Chutney Mary experience.

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