• Chutney Mary Tokri Chaat

  • Chutney Mary Scallops Mangalorean Sauce

  • Chutney Mary Seasonal Lamb Curry

  • Afghani Chicken Tikka

  • Chutney Mary Butter Chicken Lunch Bowl

  • Chutney Mary Chocolate Bomb

Tokri Chaat
Scallops Mangalorean Sauce
Seasonal Lamb Curry
Afghani Chicken Tikka
Butter Chicken Lunch Bowl
Chocolate Bomb


Chutney Mary’s unique cuisine is based on a complete Indian culinary experience reflecting the country’s regional tastes, styles and nuances, using only the finest ingredients

We and our sister restaurants uniquely harness the richness of as many as 16 different Indian cuisines prepared only by chefs trained within the region of their Indian birthplace, to give the menu complexity, authenticity and variety. 

We have redefined gourmet Indian cuisine by reinventing exceptional and unique recipes, applying innovative techniques & cooking in contemporary cutting-edge style.

We and our sister restaurants are alone in selecting the highest quality spices at source with only the finest spices passing the strenuous selection process. 

We use the finest ingredients which are carefully selected on a daily basis as well as selecting only the finest, freshest seasonal ingredients. 

The restaurant cuisine presents many new options inspired by both tradition and modernity.

The à la carte lunch menu has a variety of salads, some small plate options and many lighter dishes, as well as a range of vegetarian choices. 

Fusion innovative desserts combined with traditional Indian sweet dishes with contemporary sophistication. 

The food presentation is elegantly simple with dramatic touches of colour on fine tableware. 

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