Private dining, celebrations and business events

Whether a romantic lunch, a birthday celebration, a key client meeting, or a large reception, Chutney Mary is generously equipped to put on something to remember.

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The smaller Crystal Room, which seats between 10 and 16 guests, is perfect for an intimate celebration or important meeting.

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The larger Club room fits 45 for a grand reception, or between 18 and 32 for a fully-fledged dinner.

Both rooms match the elegant glamour of the main dining room and Pukka Bar, but add a sense of personal seclusion and customisation to any occasion, with menus carefully selected according to guests tastes and the desires of the host.

The average cost of a private dining meal inclusive of beverage and service is £100 - £135 per person. 

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If your budget is £60 or less per person, have larger parties than indicated above, or if you wish to do exclusive venue hire, please click here for party information at Masala Zone, our highly regarded group of informal dining restaurants.