Eclectic, elegant contemporary setting

Now with eight years in St. James’s, Chutney Mary’s interiors balance timeless classicism with carefully chosen artefacts.

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During the daytime, both the dining room and the Pukka Bar stream through with light, bouncing off the mother of pearl table accents in the restaurant and the ornate Tikri glasswork in the bar.

Come nighttime, the mood ebbs as the sun goes down into candlelit luxury, with dark woods and soft leather set off by white tablecloths and light glimmering off glasses and cutlery.

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The elegance, beauty, and abundance of the décor hearkens back to Chutney Mary’s first incarnation on the King’s Road in Chelsea, where its pavilion filled with plants and flowers wowed diners and was the place for the choicest tables. Its new location keeps that sense of wonder, with a different, dramatic aesthetic.