Colourful bespoke artwork, dark wooden tables and carefully arranged lighting all combine to create an opulent yet relaxed ambience.


Chutney Mary showcases an eclectic mix of authentic Indian design and contemporary style in a glamorous yet timeless setting appropriate for St James’s

Our sleek new restaurant blends contemporary chic with references to Chutney Mary’s past, combining perfect lighting with Indian art and artefacts, cossetting, comfortable furniture and fine fabrics plus unique tableware and glasses specially made to our own designs.

There is dark wood panelling, rich wooden tables, comfortable sofas and chairs and sense of position inspired by the Pall Mall Clubs.

Indian exotic glamour infuses in space - Tekri mirror work on the walls, stone carved bar front, old Indian rugs and carpets, antique Indian cupboards, maharaja arm chairs, mother of pearl tables as inspired by Indian palatial homes.

Contemporary decorative lighting – LED chandeliers and wall sconces – combined with Indian bell jar chandeliers and fluted glass candelabras are key features.

The decorative idioms of Chutney Mary over the years, including the sepia etchings and artwork of British India are much in evidence.

The use of decorative glass and mirrors is another key feature.

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