Rich wooden tables and moody reflective lighting in the dining room add romance & mystique to the Chutney Mary experience.

CUStomer comments

In the new Chutney Mary, both new and regular patrons are consistently raving about our food, service and overall experience. Chutney Mary is committed to staying ahead of the game. We are also extremely grateful for the positive feedback from new clients. We share a few below. Feedback on your recent visit and receive free champagne at your next meal there

"Our friends, Brian and Chris Trotter who have also loved Chutney Mary for many years, and ourselves had a really very nice time at your new location. The bar entrance is a great addition to your restaurant - nicely spacious and a good 'drop in place' for refreshment and I am assuming snacks(?) and walking into the restaurant itself was just what we hoped - lots of candles and shimmering mirror,glass. It has a great 'city vibe', sophisticated but warm - lots of great Indian pictures on the walls - we were very impressed and happy to see the result. 

We look forward to many more visits to Chutney Mary - in fact my husband has two reservations made for June and July! - the food was excellent - in particular we enjoyed the starters - my favourite Tokri Chaat but also the amazing prawns and lobster offerings.  Butter Chicken was, as usual, excellent - All in all great food.

Congratulations and we wish you a great opening and a great success on St James's!"
Mr & Ms Parker

"We had the most perfect dinner last night! Everything was magical, the food, service and overall ambience. Also the boys behind the bar were very friendly and polite.

You should all be very proud for making Chutney Mary such a success. Well done.

I have been to some of the best restaurants in the world and I can safely say that Chutney Mary is now up there with the best of the best.

Kindest regards"
Mr Papoutes

"It is some time since we made the journey to the old Chutney Mary’s from our home in South East London and so we were delighted to find you have moved nearer to us. We were more than delighted to find that you are producing wonderful food, which surpassed even that from your former kitchens. The service and ambiance were charming, modern and relaxed. I regret I can think of nothing to suggest which would improve the experience. Please just keep it up."
Mr Cryan

"I had an extremely enjoyable experience at Chutney Mary (as did my mum). The food was fabulous - I think perhaps especially the scallops and the kid biryani were my favourites. Although the soufflé was also delicious!

The staff were all wonderful - Lucas looked after us and I would like to give him a particular mention as he was fantastic.

I will definitely be back!"
Ms Moss

"Good morning,

James and I were seated in the private dining area for two. It was amazing! The food was delicious and the service was simply fantastic!

We will definitely be back and in the meantime please pass on to your staff that they are exemplary from the front desk to the ladies who poured our wine, to the waiters and the bar staff. 

I have been lucky enough to have eaten at many of the top restaurants in London and Chutney Mary is divine in comparison to most.

Thank you so much for looking after us so well for James 50th birthday."
Mr & Ms Austin

"We had a fabulous meal last night. It was fantastic to see Indian cuisine being taken into the ‘fine dining’ space and we thoroughly enjoyed both the superb presentation and the amazing taste of all the dishes. The use of spice and the subtle flavours that came across in every dish was simply stunning.

We would also like to thank the chef for specially adapting the vegetarian platter to account for my wife’s gluten intolerance. We were very grateful.

We wish you every success with the new restaurant."
Mr Robinson

"Apologies for the delay in replying to your kind email. The only feedback that we have is that we had a wonderful evening. We thought that the new restaurant was an excellent design. The staff were well trained and very attentive. Our waiter (I believe Lukask?) was extremely good. The menu and dishes were varied and very good quality. We had dinner at Veeraswamy a few weeks ago and I thought that was good, but the experience at Chutney Mary’s was even better!

We could not fault our experience at all and very much look forward to returning soon."
Mr Telfer

"Tina, friends and I have always thought that the old restaurant in Chelsea served the best Indian food in London and it was with some concern that we came to the new restaurant.

We shouldn’t have worried, the food was outstanding, service professional and the look of the restaurant lovely.

We’ll be back soon and well done!"
Mr Lewis

"Hello - last night's dinner was excellent, truly excellent. I used to visit you on the Kings Road quite often but your new location is (a) every bit as good and (b) much more convenient for me! I love the way you have preserved the look and feel of the old location. As soon as I stepped through the door it was immediately clear that I was in Chutney Mary. The same was true when we tasted the food.

I hope the new space is a huge success for you - it deserves to be."
Mr Ranson

"My wife and I had a most enjoyable experience last night, definitely meeting the high standards we have come to expect from Chutney Mary. 

The food was as usual excellent and the service was exemplary. I was particularly impressed that after I had made a stain on my shirt, one of your staff appeared with a glass of soda water and a napkin to help me clean the shirt.  I had not asked for any assistance, but the fact that this was seen and acted on quickly is a tribute to the professionalism of your staff.  As well as the obvious benefit of clearing up the stain, it enabled us to continue enjoying the evening.

We are looking forward to our next visit!"
Mr Brett

"We really enjoyed the evening at Chutney Mary. The food was delicious and beautifully presented.  The service was excellent. The atmosphere and lighting was exactly what we would expect from a great restaurant.

Look forward to dining with you again."
Mr Thakker

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