Chutney Mary’s rebirth in suave and stylish St. James's brings together an exotic Champagne and cocktail bar with a glamorous restaurant famed for its innovative contemporary Indian cuisine and superb service. We are now open for lunch & dinner.


The new Chutney Mary takes to another level the key features which made it famous – exceptional unusual gourmet food, majestic timeless interiors, and warm professional service

Chutney Mary is unique in reinventing exceptional and unusual recipes from as many as 6-8 very different gourmet cuisines of India, cooked in contemporary cutting-edge style, to a very fine table, to offer gourmets an outstanding dining experience. 

Retaining many of its signature dishes, the restaurant menu now offers many new options inspired by both tradition and modernity. These are presented with panache and flair using bespoke tableware and glasses specially made to our own designs. 

The ambience is equally special. The majestic interiors showcase an eclectic mix of authentic Indian design and contemporary style in a glamorous yet timeless setting appropriate for St James’s. It combines perfect lighting with cossetting, comfortable furniture. 

The Pukka Bar is a special welcoming environment – a splendid stone and leather topped bar counter with leather chairs and sofas. It serves the whole gamut of drinks and food including perfect cocktails, vintage champagnes. the normal ala carte menu and snacks as well as grazing food. 

This is accompanied by the our attentive warm and polished service which is always keen to please to give our guests a memorable rounded experience.

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